Potrait Waldek Szymkowiak


Waldek is an accomplished choreographer, fashion show director and stage director. He creates moods for stage, fashion, art and commercials. Concept, choreography and directing for events, big mass choreographies, television and commercial shows, advertisement campaigns and runway shows.

Waldek is specialised in the art of movement, with the knowledge of motion cinematography. He understands the importance of creating the wanted movement for the stage and the camera. With his Master of Arts degree and over 10 years’ experience in choreographing and show directing, he knows how to combine all the elements with the right timing to create a perfect show. In the widest range of ways he positions the human form in a space and brings it to life with dynamic movement. This collaboration of space and rhythm is an important part of his creative activities.

Today Waldek is internationally active in creating and directing live shows worldwide. He works cross disciplinary to realise vision, implementing creative direction, strategy and show design. His aim is to make every project unique via top quality. Waldek’s Choreograffiti team covers around 200 professionals in the field of choreographing and visual arts around the world.